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Kernel Ventures is founded with the mission to back the most ingenious founders and foster the constant growth and evolution of blockchain within several verticals including but not limited to Open Finance, Privacy Calculus, Web 3.0, Layer 2, NFT and DAO. The founding team consists of various backgrounds such as Huobi joint venture, 8BTC counsellor, 8BTC Boost cofounder, venture capitalist fund and incubation director who has profound industry insights as well as a wide range of key media and community influence. Years of rich investment experience has allowed us to stay committed to seeking and capturing opportunities in digital asset and blockchain technology. Strategically situated in the very core of the Chinese blockchain ecosystem, we are able to leverage a myriad of resources including influential media partners and leading players to enable your venture building in areas of marketing and community building, tokenomics proposition and listing consultation.

We envision a boundless world with high efficiency and decentralised transparency where blockchain is the forerunner of this transformation and acceleration process. With our strong affiliation to Huobi and 8BTC as well as an accomplished internal high frequency trading team; our close alliance to several fund partners including Huobi Ventures, Mirana, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Alameda, D1 Ventures, HashKey, IBA, IOSG, Incuba Alpha, NGC, YBB, SevenX, Shima, Signum, Bitfwd and numerous media partners; we endeavour to empower and cultivate both long term and short term growth of your blockchain projects.


> Initiator of Web 3.0 Eco-Base & Open Finance Labs

> Initiator of International Cryptography Data Privacy Base

> Initiator of DeFi Enthusiast Community with Imtoken & IOSG

> Member of the Polkadot Venture Network

> Member of Polygon Venture Network
> Member of LongHash DeFi Network

> Member of Mirana Venture Network

> Investment Partner of Avalanche Asia Star Fund Alliance

> LP of Open Loot Fund (BigTime Ecosystem Fund)

> LP  of Snapfingers DAO

> LP of Republic Realm

> LP of Shima Capital



Economic Model Optimisation

As an experienced senior team in blockchain, we act as advisors and aid your project by optimising the design of your economic model upon comprehension of the thesis with research, analytics, analogy and simulation.


Ecosystem / Investor / Partnership Docking

With a diverse investment portfolio we are able to leverage various ecosystems such as Web 3.0, Near, Conflux, Findora, Avalanche, Solana, Moonbeam, Oasis Labs, PlatON, Algorand, etc for the growth of your project, as well as any support from our partnered investors such as Huobi Ventures, Mirana, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Alameda, D1 Ventures, HashKey, IBA, IOSG, Incuba Alpha, NGC, YBB, SevenX, Shima, Signum, Bitfwd, etc.


Exchange & Listing Platforms

Having close relationship with the top 3 exchanges, we have assisted in the acceleration of project listing with a lower cost. Our managing partner has several joint ventures with Huobi and we are familiar with almost all service lines including investment, business affairs, community, mining pool, wallet, etc. With more than 15,000,000 users around the world, projects can benefit profoundly from collaborating with some of these service lines.


Community & Media

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes project positioning, community docking, event and Hackathon hosting, professional writer recommendations, email marketing, social media and blockchain media exposure, connecting you with some of the key platforms that we work closely with such as with the support of our managing partner who is the Counsellor for 8BTC and the cofounder of 8BTC Boost, ChainNews, Snapfingers and various targeted crypto communities as well as our own WeChat Official Account, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium.


University & Developer Community

As the founder of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Club, GeekHub, and a core initiator of BTCU (an association of blockchain developer communities from more than 30 top-tier universities around China, including NTHU, SJTU, and ZJU) our team has hosted several developer events with Vitalik and Gavin Wood; and assisted Parity, NEAR Protocol, Conflux, Findora, Avalanche, etc in building their developer communities in China. With close affiliations to DoraHacks and Dora Factory, we are able to connect you to key developer communities and help you promote your project through Hackathons and workshops.


Industry Resources

The Kernel team consists of resourceful individuals from prominent venture capital firms in China such as Fosun RZ Capital and InnoAngel Fund; and our managing partner who was the GM of incubation business unit at Chenhui Venture Partners has incubated over 200 startup projects within 4 years and managed a space of 50,000 square meter in Shanghai. The rest of the team boasts a range of experiences in consulting, network engineering, data science, branding & communications and professional tournament poker. An example case study where we enabled cross industry partnership was between Meson Network and Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd (300017.SZ listed company).


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